Leatherworks, a must have reference book for leather craft.

A lot of people always ask about tips and tricks in Leathercraft. Although I often mention that Youtube is a good channel for finding what you are looking for, I prefer a book as a reference. I had the pleasure to meet fellow craftsman Otis Ingrams from the UK and he has written a beautiful reference book called: 'Leatherworks, traditional craft for modern living'. 
The book has chapters about:

  • Types of leather
  • Getting started with tools
  • Working with templates
  • Several types of hand stitching
  • Lacing and weaving
  • Folding and riveting
  • Panels and forming
  • And a lot of templates and samples to make yourself. 

Why I work with leather
In the introduction, Otis shares his story about how he fell in love with leatherwork. Something you would recognize I believe.
A great overview of all kinds of leather craft tools
No leatherwork without tools. There is a huge variety in leather craft tools and Otis has documented the tools in pictures with description.
A great chapter about the saddle stitch
A great chapter about stitching. All you need to know about hand stitching and the use of the tools are available in this chapter. Step by step with clear pictures and a good explanation.
Lace making and strap cutting
In most cases, you have to make some straps and although it looks simple, if you need some straight straps, just read the instructions from Otis and follow his tips.
A nice washbag to make by yourself
One of the great templates in the book with the sizes and description how to make this Washbag (Dopp kit).
Otis his messenger bag
One of my personal favorites is this messenger bag. Really good designed and a bag that will last for decades and will age beautifully when you choose the right leather. Not an item to start with but there are other samples in the book to get skilled in leatherwork.
I highly recommend this reference book for anyone who wants to start with leather craft or want to broaden his/her knowledge.
The book is available on Amazon: