Duke & Sons Leather

Men's Leather FireFighter Wallet, a statement of bravery!


Here is the Firefighter's Skull Leather Wallet, our newest work of handmade elegance. Crafted by hand from high-quality leather, this wallet is the perfect mix of style and sturdiness. Each piece has a beautiful hand-embossed picture of a skull wearing a firefighter's helmet, which stands for strength and bravery. That's not all, though. Because our artists carefully paint each wallet by hand, adding bright colors that bring the stamped design to life, no two wallets are exactly the same. This wallet is more than just a way to carry your stuff; it's a statement piece that honors the valor and sacrifice of firemen. Take it home and carry a work of art and bravery with you.

The wallet contains 8 card slots and a divided bill pocket for the long wallet,
and 6 card slots and a divided bill pocket for the bifold wallet.

Minor details can change because we always strive to get the best out of our products and we always looking for improvements.

Free shipping worldwide with track & trace.

Made-to-order product: 1-2 weeks.
We're a small family business and have no stock. We make our products to order and therefore we source the best leather so we ask for your understanding that we need some time to make something beautiful for you.

Materials: leather, waxed thread.

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