Duke & Sons Leather

Folded Pocket Wallet, (Air Brushed) with laser-engraved image

€18.95 €32.95

A sleek and functional way to carry all of your cards and cash in one convenient place: the Folded Pocket Wallet. Our carefully crafted leather wallets are sized to fit snugly in your pocket while still holding all your necessary items. You can put your worries about bulkiness and discomfort to rest with its clever folding design. Never again will you have to dig through your luggage or struggle with a bulging wallet. The little and stylish Folded Pocket Wallet is a must-have, so get one now!

Made from natural tanned leather with laser-engraved image and hand-stitched.
The sides are airbrushed in a slightly darker tone.

Your own image / logo / initials are possible, just send me a message when ordering.

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