Designing a sneaker out of a MotoGP suit

REV'IT! sneaker design project

It started with a phone call from REV'IT!: "We have a fun project and we think it's a perfect fit for you…”

Since 1995, REV'IT! the brand has stood for a promise: every product that bears their brand name must originate from a leading role in design, performance, and innovation. In just 25 years, REV'IT! has become one of the most renowned motorcycle apparel brands in the world.

Their new motorbike sneaker, the Astro, arrived at the table over a cup of coffee in their stunning new headquarters. Not just any sneaker, but one that matched the needs and safety requirements of the rider.
The concept was to create a line of sneakers based on the Astro designs but using leather from existing MotoGP suits of the riders they support.
Some suits were brand new, but others had been destroyed in an accident at the MotoGP races. I was given one suit, complete with a model sneaker and the patterns.
I'd start with a test run.
I intended to Photoshop a 3D image to present REV'IT! Initially, and then for the ladies who would be manufacturing the sample, I gave them a solid understanding of what my idea and design were. So, in addition to cutting out pattern components to size, I provided an overview of the required pattern parts and a 3D mock-up in Photoshop.The initial layout and Photoshop mock-up | Duke & Sons Leather
I eagerly submitted the initial design, which included elements from Petrucci's outfit, for assessment. Approval! It was wonderful to be able to get to work, and a few more suits came my way.
Deconstructing the REV'IT! MotoGP suit | Duke & Sons Leather
The first step was to deconstruct the suit. To have as many useful components as possible, I opted to disassemble the suit by untwisting each seam.
It took a long time to disassemble the suit. I developed enormous respect for the craftsmen and women who put it all together. What a work of art!
The REV'IT! Astro sneaker parts | Duke & Sons Leather
Picking out the parts began with the suit in pieces on my table.
I drew a breakdown of the pattern parts so I could cross them off as a guide for putting the sneaker together.
The pattern was made up of 21 components.
Checking the pattern parts of the REV'IT! Astro sneaker | Duke & Sons LeatherAfter selecting the first parts and having one half of the shoe ready,' I discovered that the second half did not match. I quickly found that I needed to think in 3D from the start. I had to visualize the shoe in 3D in my imagination so that when I chose the pattern section, I could see how it would complement the other parts. It took some time, but once I had it in my head, everything went more smoothly.
I knew from past REV'IT! projects that the design requirements were very high.
Finding the right part of the suit | Duke & Sons LeatherInitially, there were around 20 models, and I received suits from Danilo Petrucci, who was sponsored by Ducati and KTM, as well as Augusto Fernández, Lorenzo Dalla Porta, Simone Corsi, and Filip Sala. All of them are fantastic suits from which to create stunning designs.
The MotoGP suit of Danilo Petrucci front | Duke & Sons Leather
After the first batch of 20 designs was supplied and manufactured in the plant in Portugal, I was able to visit the REV'IT! design department and admire them! It's wonderful to see your design in person, especially when it's so well executed. What I had in mind came to life completely in the genuine models.
Finally, I was permitted to create 15 more models.
Checking the first batch REV'IT! MotoGGP sneakers | Duke & Sons Leather
The first serie of the REV'IT! MotoGP sneaker | Duke & Sons LeatherThe 35 models were given to the most significant REV'IT! dealers around the world, with the shoe set on a pedestal with information about which driver the suit belonged to and where race it was from.
The MotoGP Astro sneaker on display at a dealer | Duke & Sons LeatherI am honored and appreciative to REV'IT! for their confidence and the stunning and one-of-a-kind task.
Here are some stunning pictures of several models:REV'IT! Astro design of the Petrucci Ducati sneaker | Duke & Sons LeatherREV'IT! Astro design of the Petrucci KTM sneaker | Duke & Sons LeatherREV'IT! Astro design of the Fernandez sneaker | Duke & Sons LeatherREV'IT! Astro design of the Dalla Porta sneaker | Duke & Sons LeatherREV'IT! Astro design of the Sala sneaker | Duke & Sons LeatherREV'IT! Astro design of the Fernandez sneaker | Duke & Sons Leather