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Trucker cap, camo, custom logo patch 'Duke & Sons Apparel'

€14.95 €29.95

Enhance your style with our eye-catching Trucker cap, featuring a custom logo patch made from durable leather for a unique accessory that completes any outfit. Protect yourself from the sun while showing off your personality. Order now to enjoy this perfect choice!

Choose the Trucker Cap, a stylish accessory that will enhance any outfit. With its camo design and unique custom logo patch proclaiming 'Duke & Sons Apparel', this cap is both eye-catching and original. Crafted with handmade leather patches, it offers not only comfort but also durability. The naturally tanned leather has been hand-colored to create a distinctive design that is one of a kind. By wearing this cap, you can show off your personality while protecting your head from the sun. It's the perfect choice for those who want to make a statement with their headwear. Order now and enjoy the opportunity to send in your own image or logo for customization or request special color options - don't miss out!

  • Elevate your style with our stylish camo trucker cap, featuring a custom logo patch that adds an original touch to any outfit
  • Experience the unbeatable combination of comfort and durability with our handmade leather patches on our trucker caps
  • Show off your personality and make a statement with our distinctive design options, including the opportunity to send your own image or request special colors for your one-of-a-kind camo trucker cap

Are you looking for a stylish and original accessory to complete your outfit? Look no further than our trucker caps with handmade leather patches! These caps are not only comfortable and durable but also unique and eye-catching. The patches are made of naturally tanned leather, hand-colored which means that each cap has its own distinctive design, making it one of a kind. Whether you want to show off your personality, or just protect your head from the sun, our trucker caps with handmade leather patches are the perfect choice. 

We also provide you the option to send your own image or logo to be used as a patch. Just send me a message to check if your image or logo is suitable.

Other colors available soon. Send a message if you have a special color request.

Don't miss this opportunity to get your own trucker cap with a handmade leather patch. Order now and enjoy!

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