A day at the races. Silverstone MotoGP 2019

It all started with a consignment from REV'IT! Sport International. If I can design and make a bracelet out of a race suit. Sure! I like those challenges.
The first prototype bracelet from a racing suit
About REV'IT!
What started out as a relatively small local distribution company with a clear focus on selling imported products in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, 
REV'IT! has grown into a globally recognized leader in design, performance and innovation in the motorcycle clothing industry. Ever since they produced their first leather racing suit back in 1997, REV'IT! encouraged racers around the world to test it to the limits… And beyond. Then, inspired by feedback coming from various national championships, and fueled by constant desire to improve their products, REV'IT! stepped it up to the pinnacle of Motorsports in 2008: MotoGP.

REV'IT! Rider Danilo Petrucci on Ducati, MotoGP
Not all riders stay on their bike during the race but luckily they are protected by a REV'IT! suit. One of the suits that couldn't be repaired came my way. A nice red suit from rider with nr. 9: Danilo Petrucci. After I had taken the suit apart, I combined the parts with a vegetan leather layer and cut them to the right size. After stitching and finishing the edges, we end up with a unique piece of MotoGP history.
The Petrucci bracelet in his presentation box
With some parts left, I was able to produce a pair of baby sneakers for my friend who worked at REV'IT! for their newborn son.
Baby sneakers made from Danilo's Petrucci's racing suit
Working on this consigment, I become very curious about the whole world of MotoGP. Never been there. I was very pleased REV'IT! invited me for the 2019 MotoGP at Silverstone to experience the whole circus myself.

Arriving on Friday at the race weekend, we first had to pick up my hangtag that gives me permission to walk around the circuit and the paddock.
My pass for the whole weekend Paddock MotoGP Silverstone 2019
At the Paddock, we went to the REV'IT! Technology Center. Their headquarters during MotoGP. I was very surprised by what I saw... An immense trailer, 2 stories high with on the ground floor the service facility and on the top floor a sophisticated meeting room.
The REV'IT! Technology Center. Support facility during MotoGPThe multifunctional meeting room at the REV'IT! Technology CenterInside the REV'IT! Technology Center
In the 
REV'IT! Technology Center, service manager Michiel is taking care of all the suits from all REV'IT! riders. With enough spare suits in stock, Michiel service all suits after the race: cleaning, repairing when necessary and drying in a special air box. You can imagine the riders will lose some sweat. Before the next rounds, the suit will be picked up by the team. With several rounds in different series, Michiel has quite a busy job.
REV'IT! service manager Michiel is taking care of Danilo Petrucci's suit after the race
Cleaning all dirt and removing all flies from Petrucci's suit
Probably Danilo needs a new knee pad.
removing all the moisture in this dry cabin
One of the riders in the REV'IT! team is Dutch guy Bo Bendsneyder with nr. 64 riding in the MotoGP2 for team NTS RW RACING GP.  Steady progress in the national junior championships - becoming Dutch champion in the Honda NSF100 class, the Yamaha R125cup and the Moriwaki GP3 Junior Cup - saw Bo land inside the Red Bull Rookies cup in 2014. After a successful first campaign, including a victory in front of his home crowd, he dominated the series the year after, starting every race from pole or second place, taking eight victories and two more podiums on his way to being crowned champion.
Bo Bendsneyder REV'IT! racing
Two years inside the Moto3 World Championship followed, finishing on the podium twice in his rookie year before stepping it up to the Moto2 class in 2018.

I had the privilege to visit the NTS RW RACING GP pit box when they start with the MotoGP2 training sessions. A really great opportunity to experience what happened there before a race.
Bo Bendsneyder waiting to get on the tracktyres on the right temperatureAnalysing the data and lap timedetail of Bo Bendsneyders suite

The Paddock area is full of enormous trucks, trailers and other facility tents. All trucks are aligned and all brands have a service center in the paddock. A big crowded 'main street'.
Paddock's 'main street' with everything alignedThe Red Bull KTM trucks at Silverstone MotoGP 2019 PaddockThe Dunlop service center. Placing new tyres and balancing the wheelsThe ladies that keeps the riders in the shade ;-)

The Silverstone Circuit covers a big area so I was wondering what happens in other areas.... 
No event without food trucks...Very nice autobus converted into a barEvent merchandise at Silverstone MotoGP 2019The most popular merchandise: nr. 46 Valentino RossiValentino Rossi fans all the way from Asia

Not all fans are close the track, sometimes it looks like a day in the park.
A day in the park?Race? what race.... I'm reading my book at the MotoGPYeah... we're voting for a brexitDon't wake me up...

And then off course the race. I was standing in the first corner after the start to experience the enormous explosion of power after the green light and take some pictures I wasn't even aware that I had captured the crash with Fabio Quartararo and Andrea Dovizioso. They were both taken to the hospital but all seems ok was stated afterward by the teams.
Dovizioso is launched by Quartararo MotoGP SIlverstone 2019Dovisiozo is rolling on the track and his motorcycle is on fireMedical assitance for Dovizioso and putting down the fire on his bike

Thanks REV'IT! for this great opportunity and epxerience!