How to recycle a MotoGP race suit into baby sneakers

I was asked by REV'IT Sport International if I could make something out of a used MotoGP race suit...

About REV'IT!, see maker stories: A day at the races. Silverstone MotoGP 2019

It all started with Randy. Randy de Puniet, the first MotoGP rider REV'IT supported back in 2008. A lot has changed since then. Today, they have no less than 6 riders representing REV'IT in every class; MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3. And beyond.

It was quite a job to take the suit apart and source all the pieces we can use to make a bracelet.
Pieces of a MotoGP race suit to be recycled
With the great help of my lovely wife Ingeborg, we managed to recycle almost a whole suit of Danilo Petrucci into nice and unique bracelets.
My wife Ingeborg making bracelets.

A batch of MotoGP race suit bracelets
Nice to see how a suit comes together in the bracelets

Baby sneakers!
With some parts left, I got the idea to make a pair of baby sneakers. I made sneakers in the past but so far not the little ones. It happens to be that my dear friend Derek, working at REV'IT has become a dad so the best excuse to use some parts for a unique pair of baby sneakers for little Felix.
The first sneakers were from the suit of Danilo Petrucci, one of the REV'IT riders in MotoGP.
Close up from the MotoGP baby sneakers
Danilo's suit and the baby sneakers
Danilo Petrucci, REV'IT racing MotoGP
As expected when Derek took the sneakers to the REV'IT headquarters, it was a huge hit ;-) and the next special assignment went my way.
The first MotoGP rider riding for REV'IT was Randy de Puniet in 2008. Also Randy has a newborn son and his first MotoGP suit was still in the REV'IT storage... How awesome to make a pair of baby sneakers from his first suit.
The 2008 MotoGP suit of Randy de PunietThe race suit in partsMaking patterns for the baby sneakers
The suit and the suit in parts converted into sneaker patterns.
The Randy de Puniet MotoGP suit baby sneakers
The sneakers and the leftovers.
Randy de Puniet riding the MotoGP in 2008
Randy de Puniet riding the MotoGP in 2008
Randy & Jan at SIlverstone 2019 handing over the handmade baby sneakers
I was very pleased, REV'IT invited me over to visit the 2019 Silverstone MotoGP and hand over my handmade baby sneakers to Randy in person.
At the Silverstone MotoGP, the sneakers were spotted by the Vircos manager and lucky me, I was commissioned to make another pair out of a Michele Pirro suit, riding for Vircos. 
Adding the Ducati branded parts to the pattern
Adding the Ducati /Vircos branded parts to the sneaker pattern.
Michele Pirro on Ducati at the MotoGP
Michele Pirro on Ducati at the MotoGP
Michele Pirro Ducati MotoGP baby sneakers
Finished and another happy baby with a pair of unique sneakers.