Making an Oilcan Grease Pomade tin pincushion

definitely, my favorite brand as it comes to beard oil and hair pomade: Oilcan Grooming.
I love the smell and great ingredients of their products but also love the style of how they pack their products. The Iron Horse grease pomade is my favorite and when I used it all,I was wondering If I could reuse the tin. 
As I needed a decent pincushion, I decided to make one out of this empty tin.
My favorite Oilcan Grooming Grease pomad Iron Horse
I already had a nice round sponge which I normally use for dying big pieces of leather, and it fits perfectly in the tin.
The next step was to find a mold that would fit within the dimensions of the tin.
The cap of my glue spray did the job and I molded the wet vegetan leather around it with an elastic band. After 24 hours it was molded and dry.
Making a grease pomade pincushion leather mold
Making a pattern of holes and punched them into the leather.
A two-stage dying gave it the right color and the next day will follow the finishing.
Making a grease pomade pincushion making the holes
Making a grease pomade pincushion leather dying
A natural wax will bring up a deep color and add some nice shine.
Extra buffing with a good brush will do the final touch.
and here it is... a nice Oilcan Pincushion
Making a grease pomade pincushion