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Traveler's Notebook 'Traveler' (Horween leather)


Our excellent handmade Traveler's Notebook in dark brown Horween leather, is for those who value the eternal art of writing. This elegant notebook is great for daily musings and business ideas, not only for globetrotters.

Each notepad is handcrafted, unique and original. The leather cover is durable and matures nicely, reflecting your travels. The 'Traveler' logo is laser engraved on the front. The adjustable design lets you make your notebook reflect your style and personality.

High-quality, cream-colored pages make writing enjoyable. The paper's soft feel makes writing about vacation, day, or business ideas fun. This notebook fits your diversified demands with blank, grid, and lined inserts.

Pockets and card slots let you store trip artifacts, business cards, and crucial notes in an attractive place. The elastic closure keeps your ideas safe on the go or at your workstation.

Our handmade Traveler's Notebook combines workmanship and imagination to make every note a treasure. Enjoy journaling wherever you go.

*for logo or name customization, you can contact me.

Dimensions W x H: 110 x 173mm

This notebook contains:
- handmade cover from canvas on leather
- kraft paper insert / card organizer
- 2 x 64 pages lined paper notebook
- PVC zipped accessory pouch

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