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Woggle, bandana, native series 2/ neckerchief slide special


Add a touch of sophistication to your outfit with our exquisite handmade leather bandana woggle. Featuring a beautifully embossed native pattern, each piece is meticulously colored by hand for a unique and stunning look. Crafted from premium vegetan leather, this neckerchief slide is available in black, brown, cognac, and other special color combinations. With its attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship, our bandana woggle is the perfect accessory for those who appreciate quality.

Discover the artistry and meticulous craftsmanship of our Handmade Leather Bandana Woggle from the exclusive Native Series 2 collection. This exceptional neckerchief slide showcases a rectangular shape adorned with an intricate native pattern stamp, creating an air of authenticity that will elevate your attire to new levels of sophistication. Made using premium vegetan leather, each woggle undergoes a meticulous process of embossing and hand coloring, resulting in unparalleled quality. What truly sets this bandana woggle apart is its remarkable hand-dyed finishing process. Available in black, brown, cognac, and a range of captivating shades, each color combination offers a distinct allure that will effortlessly make you stand out from the crowd. Rest assured that our product images accurately depict the stunning variety of leather colors for you to select from. Enjoy hassle-free shipping convenience with our selection of normal mail services or track & trace options. Elevate your fashion game today with our extraordinary Handmade Leather Bandana Woggle! Infused with unparalleled creativity and unmatched artistic skills- this accessory promises to be a standout addition to any outfit while exuding sophistication and elegance like no other can. Don't miss out on owning this exceptional neckerchief slide; seize the opportunity now by placing your order!

  • Choose from a range of exquisite colors including black, brown, and cognac to effortlessly match your style preferences with our special color combination options
  • Rest easy knowing that your order will be promptly delivered through reliable shipping methods such as track & trace or local postal service, minimizing the risk of loss during transit

Handmade leather bandana woggle / neckerchief slide, made with rectangle native pattern stamp.

Made from vegetan leather, embossed with a stamp and colored by hand.

Hand-dyed and finished.

Available in Black, brown, and cognac

Do you want a special color combination/image or leather color, send me a DM.


Your order will be sent by normal mail. shipping with track & trace is available as an update.*

(*is recommended if your local postal service is not accurate and parcels will not always be delivered or lost)

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